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Fixtures & Results

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | PREMIER (Adults)

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
The Chantry Arms FC - Manor Castle FC Alan McGilvery
Graves Park

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | FIRST (Adults)

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
Shiregreen WMC FC - Sheffield Forum FC Alan Streets
Steel City

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | SECOND (Adults)

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
Bracken Moor FC - New Bohemians FC Ronny Akers
Bracken Moor
Jack in a Box FC - Birley Moor News FC Peter Guest
St Marys Spinkhill

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | THIRD (Adults)

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
Ecclesfield Red Rose FC - Coach and Horses FC Will Cavanagh
Walkley Cottage FC - Hinde House FC Walter Hirst

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | FOURTH (Adults)

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
Normanton Inn - The Royal Oak John Burrows
Parson Cross Park
Staffordshire Arms - Athletico Forum FC Hugh Dickinson
Shirecliffe Heliport

Sun 2 Nov, 2014 | LEAGUE (Adults) | Round 1

Home Score Away Kick-off Referee Venue Report
Bagshaw Arms FC -
Hillsborough Club FC Nigel Lee
Transport Ground
Bridge Athletic FC -
Woodhouse Junction FC Paul Rodgers
High Green Playing fields
Castle Inn -
Birley FC Ken Nicholson
Dungworth P/F
Champs Malin Ace FC -
KnowHow CC FC Steve Wilkinson
Winn Gardens, Middlewood
Cosywarm FC -
Shiregreen Athletic FC Luke Lazenby
Tinsley School
FDL Totley FC -
Byron House FC Anthony Tierney
Parson Cross Park
Jaunty Park FC -
Handsworth Inn FC Jaunty Park
New Bohemians Villa FC -
Red Lion Bombers FC Carl Thomas
Athelstan School
Sterling Boys FC -
Firth Park WMC FC Ian Dyson
Halfway Junior School
The Angel FC -
Lech Florist AFC Karl Parker
Steel City
The Royal FC -
Matthew Cryer FC Ian Cox
Aurora Sports Ground
Top Club FC -
Gypsy Queen Athletic FC Adam Burgess
Warminster Road
Key: H = Home win | A = Away win | P = Postponed fixtures
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